Why Tottenham are not a ‘big club’ – talkSPORT host Adrian Durham’s in-depth breakdown


Spurs aren’t among football’s elite, according to the Drivetime

Adrian Durham has explained why he believes Tottenham should not be considered a ‘big club’.

The talkSPORT Drive presenter delved into a 90-second breakdown of his point during a show this week, concluding that the side simply don’t have the right mentality.

Are Mauricio Pochettino’s team a ‘big club’?

Are Mauricio Pochettino’s team a ‘big club’?

“I accept that it’s not all about winning trophies. I get that,” Durham began.

“Being a ‘big club’ is not all about that. It may be part of the debate but there are other factors that come into it. The amount of fans, global presence, the stadium, history, traditions of football club. All of those things can come into it.

“But when you have not win a title for 58 years, no FA Cup for 28 years – and Spurs were meant to be the cup side.

Tottenham won 3-0 at Manchester United, but lost 2-1 at Watford six days later

Tottenham won 3-0 at Manchester United, but lost 2-1 at Watford six days later

“They have never ever been the champions of Europe in the sense they have never won the old European Cup or the Champions League.

“I find it very difficult, no matter how big this new stadium is going to be, I find it very difficult to put Spurs in that bracket of a ‘big club’.

“You’re putting a lot of unsuccessful teams in that ‘big club’ bracket if you’re including Spurs in there.”

He continued: “Now what I will say about Spurs is this: They’ve had some amazing players: Klinsmann, Hoddle, Ardilles, Gazza, Lineker, Greaves, Bale, Pat Jennings, Modric.

“There have been some great players down the years, they have had big players, but they are not a ‘big club’.

“I still don’t think they have that ‘big club’ mentality.

“Is there a club that goes a whole transfer window – having not won anything the season before – not improving their squad?

“No. Surely not.”

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