Frank Warren and Tony Bellew row on talkSPORT about whether Anthony Joshua has been offered a contract to fight Deontay Wilder

Deal or no deal?

Apparently AJ was offered a whopping $ 50m to take on the American

Was Anthony Joshua really offered a shed load of money to fight Deontay Wilder? Will the two heavyweights ever meet in the ring?

In April, Joshua’s promoter, Eddie Hearn revealed the camp had been offered $ 50m to fight the WBC king and said as much to talkSPORT.

Eddie Hearn and Anthony Joshua have been embroiled in public negotiations with Deontay Wilder’s team

Eddie Hearn and Anthony Joshua have been embroiled in public negotiations with Deontay Wilder’s team

“We don’t know if it’s a PR stunt at this time or whether it’s real. If it is it’s a good one, and if it’s not we’re definitely interested.

“When asked about the status of the current offer, Hearn said: “We haven’t even seen any paperwork yet so we’re gonna request that and we’re gonna explore it.

“Will this deal go through? Probably not, because when we get the contract, if we ever get it, there’ll be all sorts in there,” he said adding that Joshua really wants it.

Fast forward to July and Tyson Fury’s promoter, Frank Warren has suggested Joshua and co. don’t want it to happen yet and told talkSPORT there was absolutely a contract on the table, which was disputed by Sports Breakfast co-host Tony Bellew.

Warren: “It takes two to make a deal and if you really want to make a deal, you make it happen. All I know is that Anthony Joshua turned down a guaranteed $ 80million (£60.95m) – that’s $ 50million (£38m) for a purse and $ 30million (£23m) guaranteed for a rematch. That wasn’t the purse, that was the guarantee, it could have been much more than that.”
Bellew: “It’s all well and good calling it a guarantee, Frank. But if there’s no contract then there’s nothing to sign.”
Warren: “There was a contract sent. I’ve seen it so I know exactly what went down.”
Bellew: “How can you see it if you’re not the promoter of them? How is that even possible?”
Warren: “Because I work with Shelley Finkel, who is the manager of Deontay Wilder. That’s why we’re having negotiations.”
Bellew: “He shouldn’t be showing you personal contracts and information, especially a contract that a fighter, who is supposed to be the top of the bill at heavyweight, hasn’t seen.
Warren: Whether he should or he shouldn’t, you just asked a question and I’ve just told you what was in it.”
Bellew: “And I’m just telling you it didn’t happen.”
Warren: “You’re telling me because you haven’t seen it, whereas I know it for a fact.
Bellew: “I also know for a fact that if a contract was sent for $ 50 million, he’d have taken it.”
Warren: “Well, 100 per cent the offer was sent through, along with the guarantees, along with [US broadcaster] Showtime guaranteeing it as well.”

Bellew was also asked by Danny Kelly for his thoughts on a potential Joshua v Wilder fight.

“If he fights AJ it literally is whoever lands first. That’s how dangerous Deontay Wilder is; he is probably the most dangerous heavyweight in the world with the single punch.

“He does what it says on the tin – he’s wild.”

Fight fans want it to happen, but at the moment, Joshua’s next opponent is Alexander Povetkin in September. Not that the ‘AJ’ doesn’t want a crack at the American.

“Me and Wilder is the best fight in the division right now, not me and Povetkin,” Joshua said. “The deal to fight Wilder is still on the table, if it was written off I’d be very annoyed.

“We were working on the fight before I beat Carlos Takam, then it was Joseph Parker and it still hasn’t happened… and now it’s Povetkin.

“But I want the big one, I am looking past Povetkin now. I want the big guns. I am going to walk through Povetkin and for Wilder the date and location is here.”

Wilder holds the WBC heavyweight world title

Wilder holds the WBC heavyweight world title

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