Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury: American reveals bizarre training method he’s using to prepare for Brit’s movement


The WBC champion has brought an old opponent into camp to help him train for his upcoming challenger

Deontay Wilder has brought former foe Malik Scott into his training camp for unique training sessions to prepare him for Tyson Fury.

The WBC heavyweight world champion recruited his fellow American to mimic the Brit’s style and movement patterns for special rounds in which he adjusts to dealing with the complex puzzle that Fury will present on December 1.

Check out the full clip of the session below

Check out the full clip of the session below

Wilder blasted out Scott within one round when they met in 2014, though thankfully for Scott they are now training together without exchanging punches.

In the video below, Malik Scott can be seen assuming a jerky, unorthodox style, not dissimilar to that of Tyson Fury.

The impersonation is very detailed as the American even switches stances, showboats, puts his hands behind his back and recreates a famous clip of Muhammad Ali dodging punches while leaning on the ropes in the corner – as Fury did against Francesco Pianeta last time out.

In 2015, Tyson Fury bamboozled Wladimir Klitschko with his movement and dethroned the long-reigning champion in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Not wanting to suffer the same fate, Deontay Wilder has taken special measures to get used to the problems he will likely be faced with on December 1.

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